Retained Search

A retained search is best for clients that have the resources and urgency to address the Japanese market as quickly and effectively as possible. We organize a concentrated, one-week trip for you to meet with partner candidates and other key players in Japan, with follow-on trips as needed.

Before your trip, we spend four to eight weeks identifying and qualifying prospects. We then set up and host an intensive week of meetings for you in Japan with the 8 to 15 most qualified. Where appropriate, we may also include additional meetings with other key players (e.g., industry gurus, major prospective customers, interviews with key magazines).

This focused approach is very effective in getting action with the right companies and getting you deeply informed about your opportunities in Japan.

We work on a fixed-fee plus incentive basis. These projects have always yielded at least 2-4 very attractive candidates that want to negotiate seriously. They are the shortest route to a good partnership.